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Ruby Class

Welcome to Ruby Class' Home Page!

Class Teacher:  Julie Sale

Lead Co Educator: Gemma

Co Educators: Louise, Tracy, Kiri, Cameron, Stacey, Alison & Sarka


So what is the definition of a Ruby?.............

      Ruby:    Highly valued as a precious gem.

And how much do Ruby students like coming to school?..... we are regular winners of the Attendance Trophy awarded  in the weekly assemblies.....why?......because learning is so much fun.

Throughout the year students in Ruby are working towards 5 ASDAN accredited courses:

ASDAN    Developing Reading Skills

ASDAN    Early Mathematics: developing number skills

ASDAN    Developing community participation skills: Participating sporting activities

ASDAN    Travel within the Community: Going Place

ASDAN    Engaging in New Creative Activities                                                            

This is in addition to all the life skills and work experience activities we take part in.

Take some time to look at the photographs of some of the work our students do.


In Ruby we are working towards the ASDAN personal progress accredited course “Travel in the Community”. We have visited many familiar and unfamiliar local environments including the zoo, cafes, parks, shops and woodland areas.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed the experiences.

Please view or download our class newsletter below.
To download documents from our site you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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