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Holly Lodge

 Welcome to Holly Lodge's Home Page! 

Teacher:  Miriam Parham & Fallon McAuley

Lead Co Educators: Ian

Co Educators:  Sam, Emma, Sandra, Alex, Delia

Holly Lodge are involved in the SEN Arts Project being run by First Site this year. We toured the current exhibition by Agnes Denes with our assigned artist Bethany who used the exhibition to inspire our 3D workshop called Fantasy Forest. First, students designed imaginary backgrounds which were projected onto the art space walls then everyone built their own fantasy trees to complete the Fantasy Forest. The end result was truly amazing.

Students really enjoyed the exhibition and asked lots of interesting questions. Bethany said afterwards, “I was blown away by how wonderfully everyone behaved, engaged and contributed. They were all so mature, independent and helpful (I saw some wonderful peer learning going on)- really impressed.” Well done Holly Lodge who are looking forward to the next workshop in the new year, it is well worth a visit!

 Here is some of our AQA basic animation course work completed  by students!

Surprise in the Park

The Ark

Three Muskateers


Essex County Council’s Employability and Skills Intervention Team – supports young people into Education, Employment, Training and many more opportunities.  The team has set up a new FACEBOOK page that will be really useful for young people who are looking for opportunities to move forward into their next step.  Teachers and Lecturers may also find it helpful when advising young people at the end of their course etc.

 Please follow the link -  

 The page will be updated by the team across the County daily with information on:

o          Vacancies

o          Career info such as CV support, interview tips, searching for jobs

o          Apprenticeship Vacancies

o          Summary of local / new provision opportunities

o          LMI news

o          National updates e.g. child benefits, new schemes etc.

 We also have new phone numbers for the team per area, this will ring around all advisers working in the area:

Mid Team – 03330138960

North - 03330138961

South – 03330139842

West – 03330138962

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16 Nov 2017, 02:52
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