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Post 16

Post 16

Lexden Springs School: Post 16-19 Department     (September 2014)


Currently, Post 16-19 has 31 students divided into three classes. All Year 12 and some Year 13/14 students are largely taught on the main school site whilst other Year 13 and 14 students are based at Holly Lodge, a converted residential building in the community about half a mile away from main school. Careful consideration is given to each student’s individual educational, social and emotional wellbeing when placing students across the department. The provision at Holly Lodge increasingly focuses on becoming more independent, developing life skills and moving on, with supervised off site visits and work experience opportunities undertaken out in the community. Most Post 16 students who are based on the main school will regularly visit Holly Lodge for combined sessions and as part of their gradual transition prior to being based there full time.

OFSTED Feedback for Post 16-19: January 2014

The Post 16-19 department of Lexden Springs School was inspected in January 2014 when the department was graded ‘Good’ under the new revised OFSTED framework. Comments by the inspectors included:

“The sixth form is good and students make good progress”.

“Students in the sixth form make good progress in their relevant academic and work-related courses which prepares them well for the next stage of their lives. As a result, all students move on to further education, day care or training”.

“Teaching is consistently good in the sixth form as a result of effective leadership by the senior leaders who directly oversee the work of these phases. Here, teachers have high expectations of what pupils should be learning and teamwork with teaching assistants is strong. Well-chosen resources are used consistently well in lessons where teaching is good. As a result, pupils remain focused on learning and do their best, making good progress”.


OFSTED recognised that every student during the past three years i.e. since July 2011 has left our Post 16-19 department and moved onto either day care, education or training. They also acknowledged the input by our Transition Team whose involvement with students and families from Year 9-14 around work experience placements and supporting everyone through the whole transition process is significant.


A Post 16-19 Strategic Plan is written annually highlighting key areas for development by the Head of Post 16 showing comprehensive success criteria and anticipated time frames for the various stages of completion of the plan’s recommendations. Focus areas this year include:

  • Successfully introducing  the new Education, Health Care (EHC) plans to be introduced from September 2014
  • Further expansion of our individual study programmes, personalised timetables and work experience placements in the community
  • Continuing to promote ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ within our curriculum offer for all our students.



Following on from our visit on the 10th September, we just wanted to say thank you for being so accommodating. 

It was really good to have a tour of Holly Lodge and see at first hand, the benefit your provision provides to learners to help them towards independent living.  We were impressed by the various amount of activities and lessons that guide young people towards independent living, improving their social skills, working to improve confidence and making appropriate choices.

 You showed us how you have adapted the environment to suit students’ needs e.g. you have converted the music room to a quiet room as a couple of students require this.  

We felt during the annual review the extensive knowledge that your transition workers provide to the young people and the links you have established with outside organisations e.g. Level Best, to enable a positive transition for the young people who are moving on from you.

Thanks again and I look forward to working in partnership with you.

Deborah and Sarah (Wortham)

Deborah Clark

Personal Adviser

Children and Young People with Disabilities Service


Our Curriculum Pledge:

A curriculum designed to facilitate students getting the most out of life, learning and best prepare them for the future when they leave Lexden Springs School. The curriculum will celebrate achievement; provide a personalised learning approach through individual Study Programmes and offer qualifications through two nationally recognised accreditation schemes ASDAN and AQA unit award schemes.

Four key principles underlie our curriculum provision:

·         Promote inclusiveness

·         Provide challenge

·         Quality provision

·         Offer choice


As students progress through Post 16-19, they will follow a personalised Study Programme designed to nurture the skills and knowledge required to prepare students for their future in the wider community. These can be summarised into four key skills, and students will leave us with the ability to apply each these four key skills to the best of their ability:



Four key skills that will prepare students for the future:

  • To apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life
  • To engage competently and confidently with others
  • To solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • To develop personally and professionally as positive citizens who can actively contribute to society.

Our Curriculum Vision:

  • To offer a curriculum that is relevant and appropriate for students with cognitive and learning needs including severe learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, profound and multiple learning difficulties and complex needs, i.e. clearly identifiable MLD, SLD &  PMLD  sensory integrated study programmes.
  • To offer MLD, SLD& PMLD Study Programmes that provide flexibility and personalised learning with clear learning outcomes that engage, motivate and reward learners on an individual or group basis across the whole ability range.
  • To offer curriculum pathways that all support qualification outcomes by two nationally recognised awarding organisations, namely the ASDAN and AQA unit award schemes. ASDAN and AQA provide qualifications that have been designed to meet the progression needs of pre-entry, Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3 and Level 1 learners through annual accreditation, certification and qualifications up to GCSE equivalent.
  • The qualifications gained by students will improve work and life opportunities for all students irrespective of the PMLD, SLD or MLD curriculum pathway or Study Programme followed in Post 16.

Our Transition Pledge:

  • To provide every student arriving in Post 16-19 with a joined up and achievable progression route through the 16-19 learning landscape to help them when Preparing them for Adulthood.
  • To map the progression route for all students following the PMLD, SLD or MLD Study Programmes in Post 16-19 ensuring they reach their preferred and most suitable route into life-long learning and the world of work in the wider community.
  • To empower and facilitate student decision making at every stage by increasing awareness of the choices available to them as adults through in-school workshops, off-site work experience opportunities and vocational courses in the community. Students own choices will help determine their individual MLD, SLD or PMLD progression routes to become an integral part of their individual Study Programme.
  • To liaise with, listen to, respect and take into consideration all parties views, aspirations and dreams at every stage of our student’s transition and progression route planning. This will ensure that student’s eventual journey into adulthood, life-long learning and the world of work i.e. independent living pathways, vocational work experience and supported employment is smooth, successful and aspirational.

 OFSTED Post 16-19: January 2014

  • Teachers have high expectations….”  
  • “Students in the sixth form make good progress in their relevant academic and work-related courses which prepares them well for the next stage of their lives”.
  • “As a result, all students move on to further education, day care or training”.



Preparing for Adulthood - February 2015

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